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Dream On is a downloadable song by Aerosmith. It is no longer available for DLC on Xbox Live as it was released with the announcement of Guitar Hero: Aerosmith which was February 16-18, 2008.

It is a playable song on Guitar Hero Aerosmith



Dream On is a song by Aerosmith. It is their very first single on their track, Aerosmith (1973). This song was written by Steven Tyler (the lead singer), himself. In 1976, this song was chosen for one one the ten best singles in the World. This song was first played live in Willimantic, CT at the Shaboo Inn.


This is a relatively simple song for the 5th tier. However, this song gets a little complicated around the solos. So you might want to go into practice mode for a little while with the solos. Besides that, there are mostly chords. Some of them make your hands move in a weird way but nothing is too difficult in the song.

Easter Egg

When the song does its first verse, you can faintly hear the crowd singing along.


Guitar Hero 3 - Aerosmith - Dream On - Expert Guitar FC

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