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My Huangshan Tour

My Huangshan Tour

"Huangshan worthy of is all the rugged mountains, with ""strange pine, the peak, the sea of clouds, hot spring"" of the crown. Make me the most impressive is the ""four unique"" huangshan-one of the odd rocks.If you have read all of the blog ,you must want to take a !

Spectacular scenery, it is to make the huangshan and ""off"". In the huangshan everywhere you can see strange form strange rocks, these strange looking differ in thousands ways, some of the people like things like, some, some some reflects some of the myths and legends and historical stories, lifelike, lively and interesting. In 121, the popularity of place among some of the higher ""flies the stone"", ""chess"", ""the fairy put mei"", ""the monkey on the sea"", ""immortal boots"", ""sun penglai three"", ""golden island called tianmen"", etc. These spectacular have a plenty of a monster, some ingenious and exquisite; Some independent into view, have a plenty of a few combination or loose with strange clever union into view. Also some strange because watch the position and Angle changed, looking also have changed and became a second scene, such as ""stone (called"" and that ""tianmen five old god all"", ""the plum"" and that ""on the"" fairy is walk change scene's sake. Located in the lion peak, a cute before, lively and monkey ju alone peak. Seen from a distance, I thought I was a real monkey sit on the top of clouds rise and fall! Near a look, it is a stone monkey, as if it sit in the sea of clouds disperse ups and downs, when is like a monkey, stone looking at the beauty of the TaiPingXian scenery. So ""monkey view sea"" and ""the monkey at peace"" name.
In the hot spring to ShangLing road has a huge stone inclined stood there engraved this ""drunk stone"" two words. A great poet in tang dynasty legend in this LiBaiCeng drinking fountain, listen to LeErWangFan!!!!! So its name: drunk stone.
In the jade screen peak west side, and had a husband stone, it looked as if the shape of the young woman, her husband on stone stage as early as possible, so hope back its name: hope Randolph stone.
In yunfeng plow a coincidence, a lively stone funny little squirrel, dragging the big tail, want to loose over the abyss, leap onto a towering tiandu feng. You can imagine, name that is--"" squirrel jumped days "". I see these spectacular, in the heart can't help to think: what is the peak huangshan naturally formed, or produced artificially?
Huangshan mountain peak can be more than these, and entered the immortals, crucian carp back, swan hatch, Bridges, like the nose stone...... If you want to know, please go to the name of the world crown see! Huangshan"

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