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Infiniti Qx 56

Infiniti will be turning loose a new sport utility vehicle later this year under the QX56 SUV name. The Sport Utility model has a fully latest design. Base cost is $56k which is the same as the last vehicle but there are many more gadgets standard on this SUV. . Does Infiniti believe there is a market for the Full Sized sport utility vehicle in today¢s economy? The Infiniti Seller sales numbers point to a resounding yes!.

Consider for a moment the latest look of the 2011 Infiniti QX56. There was nothing exciting about the previous QX56. Its a good thing that the QX56 took some style from its kid brother; the FX35. Looking head on at the QX56, you can really see the sculptured lines. Upgrade to the Deluxe Touring package and you can have 22-inch rims and tires among other things.

You can either get a with either a 7 or 8 passenger design. . Captains chairs can be opted for instead of a second row bench seat. There is also a center console in the rear. There are a couple of nice creature comforts in the rear such as multiple air vents and televisions, as well as plenty of room. Huge seven inch TV are set in the back of the headrests. The interior is covered in ultra luxurious leather. According to Infiniti, the latest QX56 will be lighter than the earlier version.

This sport utility vehicle contains some really trick components. One innovative and new to Infiniti advancement is the Hydraulic Body Motion Control System. This system will limit the amount of body roll by up to 40% when the large is cornering. How this works is the Hydraulic System mentioned previously fills the outside shocks with extra fluid to keep them more rigid . The Hydraulic Body Control System is so advanced it keeps the QX56 more steady than BMW.

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