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Submitted By: NickTheGreek
Date Added: Jan 28 2009, 02:19 PM
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This was a fun project to be apart of. I did Not direct this, but I was the Cinematographer. Basically the story goes, I have friends who actually go to film school, a few times I have helped them out with their projects (which they will return the favor in kind, Big Time). The Friend In question is Uriel Zapata, had to do a commercial for class and needed someone to do the camerawork. Uriel is a cinematographer in his own right, but more than comfortable allowing me to create the look of this Commercial.

Now the actual Rock Band commercials are good but because wouldn't really have able to achieve that same scale with limited time and no money ( the most expensive prop on the whole shoot was the lead singer's wig!), we didnt go that route, so the look we settled on was that of an underground stage, very dark and dank with pipes showing and smoke (everything looks cooler with smoke) with crazy lighting. I wanted for the viewer to imagine that they could smell the stale air.

The funny part is that we didn't have to try that hard. Since we had almost no money, everything on the set is stuff that crew members owned or could get access to. We shot in my basement, draped the walls in black sheets, all of the lights that you see I owned already, color bulbs and flashers, the smoke machine I've had for sometime and of course the camera (HVX shooting SD, I didn't have p2 at the time) The "rock Band Instruments belonged to our PA for the day, My A.D. from "THe Last Entry", Kyle Calhoun, he also provided that awesome truss where the lights hang from as well as be talent as THe Big Man Guitar Player! THe only "actor" we hired was the Drummer, which we got at the 11th hour off Craiglists. The lead singer is a good friend of ours and she agreed to help us out that day. And Boy, what a day it was! We shot in the summer, it was hot, we are down in the basement there no fan circulating the air, it kept getting rid of our smoke! We are all sweaty and uncomfortable, During Setup, it got a little "Lord of the Flies", the heat was getting to us. But once we started shooting, we had fun. Everyone had a great time! Even after having to listen to Flyleaf 248 times in a row. And it looks great! I think this look more "ROCK" than the actually Rock Band Commercials!

And Big Ups to Tatiana Padro, the "lead singer". SHe did an amazing job, I believe I've told Uriel that he owes her his first born! Tati is not an actress, nor does she have any desire to be one, but she wanted to help us. SHe doesn't really listen to rock music so she had to learn that song on the day. SHe let us cover her in fake tattoos and she stayed in that hot ass fucking wig the whole time we shot in my small sweatbox of a basement that was starting to smell like a locker room! She performed better than we expected, she learned that song to the nines, she had a great time, and, fellas we can say it, Tati looks HOT!!! I've known this girl since she was 17 and I never really looked at her that way before, but when she came out in that outfit, I was definitely thinking (brooklyn accent) "Hey, how you doin?" Aight y'all !

Peace and Rock On!!!
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